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Our History

Established in 2000, Global United Projects and Shipping Pte. Ltd. has quickly grown to be one of the most respected Shipbroking houses in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Indian Subcontinent.

With offices currently in Singapore, Dubai and Colombo the company has leveraged its position to maximum advantage and in doing so has gained the confidence of several ship-owners and charterers alike.

To our clients, we are known through our distinction in achieving and executing fast, reliable and cost effective solutions to all their ocean transportation requirements. Our honest representation of their interests is what has really set us apart.

The quest for perfection in the services we offer together with our desire to augment our representation on the global platform has translated into the realisation of a careful and critical expansion plan without compromising our core values.

The future is exciting, here at global, for our business is expanding with the backing of 'established relationships' and 'new clients' seeking the best in ocean transportation.
Core Values

At Global, we look to dispel apprehensions on the integrity in the business of ship broking. As Founder and Managing Director Uresh C. Perera believes "… Ship broking, per se, is not simply a service we should offer mechanically connecting ship owners and charterers, but instead it should be a personalised offering where the client recognises the value, we add, while meeting and surpassing their requirement …" ……"This perceived value is what will set us apart and be the cornerstone of our wider acceptance and ultimate success…"

Our Mission
To be the most competitive ship broker in the regions we represent, with economical and viable solutions built around the clients need.

Our Vision
To enhance our global presence through careful expansion of our representation worldwide, always maintaining the quality of service and our core values.


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