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Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

It is generally accepted, that the term ‘heavy’, is used to define cargo units which exceed 100mt in weight. While weight is considered one criterion, heavy lift cargoes include cargo units that are voluminous, vulnerable and difficult to handle.

With increased industrialisation, dredging, chemical and oil/gas activity there is a strong demand for specialised vessels capable of transporting allied equipment in support of these industries. This service is central to the realisation of large projects worldwide. Over time the dimensions and weights of cargoes have increased rapidly as well, with vessel owners responding by building even larger ships.

At Global United we combine our collective expertise to provide the right solution to ensure that all your ‘heavy’ cargo is safely loaded, transported and discharged.

Our Heavy and Project Cargo experience includes:
  • Oil Rigs
  • Power Plants
  • Rail Cars
  • United Nations Cargo
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Accommodations Units
  • Helicopters
  • Transformers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Yachts, Supply Vessels
  • Oil and Gas related heavy equipment
Dry and Break Bulk Cargo

Breakbulk refers to cargo that is normally packed, bundled or unitised general cargo, NOT stowed in containers. Since the advent of containerization its penetration into the dry cargo trades has been ongoing and perhaps not at its peak, however, with the new world economies of China and India and the current economic climate in some other countries break bulk shipping has started flourishing again.

With our considerable experience and contacts within the industry, we, at Global United, are in a unique position to meet the needs of shippers and charterers in providing suitable tonnage at the right place, time and price.

Our Dry and Break Bulk experience includes:
  • Long term shipments of pulp and paper products
  • Bagged cement
  • Agriproducts
  • Bagged Rice
  • Aluminium Products
  • Fertilizer
  • Steel Products
  • Timber and Plywood
  • Bagged wheat flower
  • Various steel products
S & P

We deal in the sale and purchase of new and second hand tonnage from known vessel owners. Our staff includes technical personnel who through their experience ensure that we deal with only quality tonnage.

Please visit the S&P page to view the current vessels for sale.

If you wish to offer a vessel for sale please use our contact page to send your enquiry directly.


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